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About Octagon

Our Health Mission

Octagon Medical Practice Our Health Mission


To ensure long term viable patient care across the Peterborough and surrounding district communities. 

Providing a safe and caring health environment, ensuring we consider the changing demands of the healthcare system, work at scale and provide an efficient and cost-effective service.

Who We Are

Octagon Medical Practice Who We Are

Octagon Medical Practice is a merger of Practices in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

We successfully merged on July 1st 2018, and are now working on our new models of care.

We have already identified opportunities to provide specialist care clinics for our Patients, and will be advertising these in surgeries.

What Has Changed

Octagon Medical Practice What Has Changed

Octagon Medical Practice is working at scale and will invest, not only in new technology to support Patient care and experience, but also new services and clinics. 

This will provide a better Patient experience, reduce waiting times and support the wider healthcare system.

You can read our FAQ page on this site or email us directly with any questions you might have.

New Patient Registration

Please download and print off the registration form. Once complete take it into your nearest Octagon Practice with the correct forms of ID

gpregistration1 (pdf)


Repeat Prescriptions or Online Appointments

Patients can click on the link which will direct them to the SystemOnline login page. Sign in and you can order your repeat prescriptions, or make appointments. You can also cancel your appointment here if you are unable to attend. If you haven't yet registered for this service, please contact your Octagon Medical Practice Branch for details.

Repeat Prescriptions & Appointments

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If you have any questions about Octagon, please send us a message by completing the form opposite or email us directly at